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Metal Candle Tray | Matte Black

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These common candle tools not only extend the life of your candles, they can improve the fragrance and overall burn performance, too.

Trim your wicks, people!

You should always trim your wick length to approximately ¼” before lighting for cotton wick candles and 1/8” for wood wick candles. A wick that is too long will cause excess smoke and sooting. An untrimmed wick can cause your candle to burn too hot, which can cause your candle to burn up faster than it should.

Wick Trimmers – The long handle on this candle care tool easily allows you to reach the wick as your candle burns down in the vessel. The cleverly designed trimmer will clip the wick off at the correct height thanks to the “heel” on the bottom of the tool, and it will collect the burned debris for easy removal!

Wick Dippers – Simply dip your lit wick into the melted wax pool with this handy tool to extinguish your candle smoke-free! Blowing your candle out by mouth can cause excess smoke and/or a strong burnt aroma, but this tool will help you with that. You can also use this tool to reposition a wick that is leaning too far to one side.

Candle Snuffer – These can be used for all types of candles: scented container candles, tapers, and pillars. Our candle snuffer has a “dangling” end so that you can extinguish from any angle. (only available in the 4 piece set)

The 4 piece set includes 1 of each of the above tools as well as a sleek matte black tray to keep your tools organized.

Wipe excess wax off tools with a paper towel. Wash in warm, soapy water as necessary. Towel dry immediately. Do not put in the dishwasher.