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Capricorn Zodiac Blend

  • $28
You're ambitious and disciplined. You have dreams and you're going to make them happen. You're independent and hardworking, so you embrace the path ahead of you. This made-for-you blend will energize you to accomplish your ambitious goals and keep you from burning out. This essential oil will give you a heightened mood as it rejuvenates you. You will move through your day feeling light as a drifting balloon. You will be full of energy as your adrenaline kicks in causing your focus to be razor-sharp. Capricorn essential oil blend is made of Coriander - for relaxation, Eucalyptus - for easy breathing, Wintergreen - to treat hypertension, Lemongrass - to de-stress, Nutmeg - for an elevated mood, and Geranium - to treat anxiety.