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Cancer Zodiac Blend

  • $28
You're loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring: an incredible friend and life partner. This made-for-you blend will enhance your loving characteristics and help ground your sensitive, moody nature when needed. Cancer Essential Oil Blend, named after the Zodiac of Cancer, is made of Vanilla, Spearmint, Ravensara, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, & Frankincense Oil. With your unique special sensitivity, you have a deeper, more colorful emotional world. Add warmth and serenity with refreshing spearmint, lovely vanilla, and warm cinnamon. Extra fragrant eucalyptus opens you to loving energy with each relaxing breath. With your fine-tuned scenes and deep appreciation, for nuances, you can fully experience the sweet joys of aromatherapy. Celebrate yourself with Cancer Essential Oil Blend! Enjoy it by diffusing it in your home, car or office. Woolzies Cancer is a favorite choice for aromatherapy.