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The Soy Harvest Story

Sheila was introduced to soy candles in the summer of 2005.   She was shocked to find out that the candles she had been burning for many years were made from petroleum bi-products and felt a need to share her new found knowledge with her friends and family.    Soy wax is all natural, clean burning wax that doesn't throw carcinogens into the air you are breathing in your home.   She also had acquired knowledge that many candles were using zinc and lead wicks. She began making candles in the kitchen that fall and started setting up in craft sales using high quality fragrance oils, soy wax and all cotton wicks.     Her father George was a manufactures agent at the time and introduced her product into the first stores in Winnipeg.  The desire for the product grew and the kitchen was outgrown....  down to the basement of her home.  Walls came out, a sink and pouring tables were put in.    Our first little candle studio!   She remembers hand bombing skids of glass jars with her dad through the basement window!  
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  6. Aroma Melt | Berry Crumble
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  8. Aroma Melt | Cozy Cottage
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  9. Aroma Melt | Coffee House
  10. Aroma Melt | Boyfriend
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  12. Saucebox Candle | I Love You
  13. Aroma Melt | Morning Sun
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  14. Aroma Melt | Hot Toddy
  15. Aroma Melt | Bookworm
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  16. Aroma Melt | Starry Nights
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  17. TImberflame Candle | Wholehearted
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  18. Aroma Melt | Celebrate